Child Labour Talk Show

Child Labour Talk Show
I will:
• Create a script for a talk show concerning
child labour.
• Take part in a group performance of a talk
Groups of 3 - 5
• In your groups you are going to write and perform a
script for a talk shown concerning child labour.
• 1 person will be the talk show host; 1–2 people will be
supporting child labour; 1-2 people will be arguing
against child labour; 1 person could be a member of the
studio audience.
• Decide on roles.
• Write the script.
• Begin practising.
Reviewing Participation
Complete the reviewing participation sheet.
• Write the script into the assessment
section of your work book.
1. What are your opinions of child labour?
2. Which character did you think was in the right? Why?
3. Which character do you think was in the wrong? Why?
4. What would you do about child labour?
5. Write a letter to the PM of England. Tell him your opinions of child
labour and tell him what you think he should do about child labour.