Child Labour

Child Labour
I will:
• Examine child labour and its advantages
and disadvantages.
What Work Do Street Children Do?
Write a list of all of the types of work that you saw/ heard children
Number the activities from best to worst (using number 1 to show
the best).
Give reasons for the 2 you put as the best kinds of work and 2
you put as worst.
Work in pairs to answer these
Working Children
• Millions of children around the world have to work to support
themselves and their families.
• Many do light or part-time work that can be fitted in around school.
But many others are involved in dangerous or exploitative labour
that harms their development, wrecks their health and denies them
an education.
• Various charities and organisations such as Save the Children fight
to keep young people from save from dangerous and exploitative
work. They don't believe in banning all children's work because for
some it is a valuable part of growing up, and banning it can drive
them into more dangerous work. They work with governments,
companies and others to find alternative sources of family income.
They consult children and communities to find ways of improving the
working conditions of those who have no alternative, and providing
schooling. They stress the need to tackle the root cause of child
labour - poverty.
Child Labour is OK because….
It is the only way that many
poor children can survive.
Children can become mature,
responsible and independent.
Children can learn skills which
might be more useful than some
things which are taught in
Children can help
their families to be
less poor. They can
feel proud of this.
It helps poor
countries to get
richer. Without
child labour,
many countries
would be even
poorer than
they are already
Child Labour is not OK Because….
It is easier to cheat
children and pay them
less because they have
less power to speak
It is cheaper to pay
children than adults to
work, so there might be
lots of adults who are
unemployed. This
keeps families poor.
It stops children from
going to school so
they have less
choices to improve
their lives in the
future and they stay
poor for ever.
Children often work
very long hours in bad
It can be dangerous or bad for their
physical and mental health
Advantages and Disadvantages of
Child Labour
Complete the table
Write a speech aimed at young people. The speech should:
 Provide information about child labour
-Why it exists.
-What it involves.
- Its advantages and disadvantages.
Inform young people of how fortunate they are to be able to go to school
and not have to work for a living.