PARD Workshop Workshop Title: Who should attend?

PARD Workshop
Workshop Title:
Managing Supply Chain Material Flow using RFID Technologies
(Duration: 1 day)
Who should attend?
OEM and SME Material Planning and Logistics Managers.
Team Leaders, Lead Logistics Providers, Process Leaders and key personnel
with a direct responsibility for understanding, monitoring and reducing
costs incurred with material movement from all points of manufacture to
all points of use. Anyone who wants to understand how RFID can improve
material flow in the supply chain.
Prior Knowledge required?
No specialist skills are required but a practical and working knowledge of
the issues surrounding cost effective material movements between
suppliers and manufactures would be an advantage.
PARD Principle Investigator Phil Foster
Who will deliver the workshop?
Description of workshop:
The content is aimed at all personnel involved with the control and movement of material from the point of manufacture at
the supplier to the point of use at the OEM. It will demonstrate how the use of Radio Frequency Identification technologies
will provide a wide range of opportunities to reduce costs and improve efficiencies and processes. The practical
demonstrations and examples used give a detailed insight into new methods and practices developed. Examples are drawn
from the automotive industry, focusing upon:
- Real time tracking of component-specific high value containers
- Total visibility of material movement within supply chains
- Real time visibility of truck movements at locations of interest
By the end of the workshop attendees will have gained knowledge of how successful and planned implementation of RFID
technologies can provide major benefits including cost savings and process improvement to their business. The sessions will
provide practical examples of how these technologies can be deployed in enterprises, their customers and their extended
supply chains. From these sessions attendees will be able to apply the lessons learned within their business.
Location of Workshop:
The University of Warwick only as use of specialist equipment is required.
08:30 Registration
09:00 Introduction
09:10 Classroom based overview of RFID technologies, their application and uses.
10:30 Tea / Coffee
10:45 Workshop based practical session using material from existing case studies describing application and costs.
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Workshop based hands on practical session exploring how the various RFID technologies work.
14:30 Tea/ Coffee
15:00 Classroom based discussion on embedding RFID technology within your company, how ROI will be achieved and how
the University can provide ongoing support along with a study of the risks and a view of the global issue of standards.
16:00 Workshop concludes.