First Grade News Letter

First Grade News Letter
Nov. 7, 2014
• Important Dates
• Nov. 11th PTO Meeting
• Nov. 14th Just Plain Dance @ 7p.m.
• Nov. 15th Warstler Craft Show 9a.m.-2p.m.
• Nov. 18th McTeacher Night
• Nov. 26th St. Jude PJ Day
• Nov. 27-Dec. 1st Thanksgiving Break
• Dec. 6th Canton Charge Game @7 p.m.
• This week:
The Big Circle
Spelling Pretest Mon./Test Thurs.
Phonics: Long “o” o_e
Sequencing: First, Next, Then
Proper Nouns
Next Week:
Life in the Forest
Spelling Pretest Mon./Test Thurs.
Phonics: Long “u”: u_e
Inflected Ending “ed”
Authors Purpose
Singular and Plural Nouns
This Week
Preview and Practice of Unit 3
Next Week
Lesson 3.1 Parts and Total Number Stories
• Lesson 3.2 Number Story Strategies
Lesson 3.3 Exploring Counting, Matching Pairs, & Ordering by Length
• Lesson 3.4 Solving open response problems
Other News
• Please make sure your child is practicing their math facts.
The end of the year goal is 100 math facts completed in 5
minutes. First in Math is a great tool for helping them to
learn and practice their facts. They can also go onto Sum
• Also, students should be doing Accelerated Reader (AR) at
home. Accelerated Reader will help improver their
comprehension. The more reading your child does the
better reader they become. If you do not have a
computer, your child has the opportunity to use the tech
lab at school before school starts.
• If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or
e-mail us. [email protected]
[email protected]