Group 9: Chill Geordi: RFID based location sensing

Group 9: Chill
Geordi: RFID based location
Brian Loo (bloo)
Geeta Shroff (gshroff)
Zane Starr (zcs)
Product Overview
• Indoor navigation system
– When GPS not available
Map creation application on desktop
Map database loaded stored on device
Shortest path to destination calculated
RFID tagged path read by device
Communicated to user via text to speech
software on device or touchpad
Status Update
Main Program Flow documented
MapGUI – done
Database – done
FindPath Algorithm – done
Integration of DB with MapGUI – done
Integration of DB with FindPath – done
Integration of Main with RFID reader – done
Audio integration - ???
Test cases
• Installation/Configuration Test
• Compilation Test
• Provided Run-time (functional) Tests
– Administrator:
• Load and store graph database, Map creation, RFID tag
– User:
• Load graph database, processing user destination input,
shortest path calculation, detect RFID tag, output directions
• Performance Tests
– Speed of Pathfind algorithm & database access
Performance test
• Speed of Pathfind algorithm
– How long will it take to find nodes in a graph
• X node path in a Y node graph
• Speed of Database
– Query for X nodes in database of Y nodes
• Speed of processing RFID reader I/O
– Time to send instruction and receive RFID tag id
• Measure speed using System.timer
Looking ahead
• Difficulties
– Directing user to destination (providing correct
– Handling different component’s exceptions in
• Redirecting to appropriate GUI form as response
– Any lessons learned so far in debugging your
Questions ?