Year 8 of 2012-13 - Saffron Walden County High School

Year 8 saw some more lessons and lots
of different staff
In year 8 we chose our Options
Year 8 Science Week was great.
Some weren’t quite so sure
Sometimes we have been out as part of
our course- in Geography we went to
London, ending up at Stratford.
It reminded us of the summer of
I am sure that Mr Maher still smiles
when he passes his gold post box.
We supported the Trussell Trust by
sending food to the Food bank.
Some of us also went on a netball tour
and also to an outdoor pursuits centre.
The staff had good fun too.
The Science and Engineering Club
is one of the best clubs in school.
There are other clubs too such as the
Rubik Cube club.
Sport , Drama and Music are also
important at County High
We finished off the year with
events such as Sports Day
- a sponsored event
Pictue to be inserted
and some of us went to Boulogne.
Picture to be inserted
My favourite was the Battle Fields
Thank you for watching