Introduction: French Club

French Club
 Bonjour!
Maybe you are not aware of it,
but French is all around us in Hong Kong.
Many shops and fashion labels now have
French names (ex. Merci beaucoup). In
the French club you will learn some
introductory French in a fun atmosphere.
The emphasis will be on learning basic French language
terms such as introductions, numbers, questions and
answers. You will be able to have small conversations in
French, and ask some questions. The class will focus on oral
work through games and pair work. There will also be some
short videos to help.
The club is for beginners so students from any form can join.
It is first-come, first-served.
French words are pronounced differently from English words.
Learn how to say words correctly. Also, French words are
related to a huge number of English words, so studying
French will also improve your English. Bienvenue!