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SS39-xxx A Bill Amending Article VI, Section 5, Sub-Section B of the By-Laws Regarding Trial Club Status

Whereas, Article VI, Section 5 states that trial clubs must appear before the Clubs and 2 Organizations Committee “no sooner than four weeks after the date Trial 3 4 Status was granted and no later than the end of the academic year” in order to be granted full club status; 5 Noting, that this length of time is excessively long and impedes the ability of the 6 committee to effectively assess the granting of full club status; 7 Let it be resolved, that Article VI, Section 6 will now read as follows; “Clubs must appear 8 9 before the Clubs and Organizations Committee, for a full status hearing within two weeks of being granted trial club status. In the event of a University 10 11 12 holiday or break period, clubs will have an extension based upon the discretion of the committee. If a club does appear before the committee within this time frame, the club will begin the trial club process again.” Sponsors: Blair Carroll, Clubs and Organizations Chair Tom Sojka, Student Body Vice President _________________________________ Date Introduced: March 4, 2013 Requested Action: Regular Consideration _________________________________ Ryan A. Freed, Student Body President 1 of 1