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SS39-xxx A Bill Amending Article VI, Section 5, Sub-Section B of the By-Laws

Regarding Trial Club Status

Whereas, Article VI, Section 5 states that trial clubs must appear before the Clubs and

2 Organizations Committee “no sooner than four weeks after the date Trial



Status was granted and no later than the end of the academic year” in order to be granted full club status;

5 Noting, that this length of time is excessively long and impedes the ability of the

6 committee to effectively assess the granting of full club status;

7 Let it be resolved, that Article VI, Section 6 will now read as follows; “Clubs must appear


9 before the Clubs and Organizations Committee, for a full status hearing within two weeks of being granted trial club status. In the event of a University



12 holiday or break period, clubs will have an extension based upon the discretion of the committee. If a club does appear before the committee within this time frame, the club will begin the trial club process again.”


Blair Carroll, Clubs and Organizations Chair

Tom Sojka, Student Body Vice President


Date Introduced: March 4, 2013

Requested Action: Regular Consideration


Ryan A. Freed, Student Body President

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