Hotel Database System

Mike Kemakolam
Adam Thornton
Brandon Shrewsbury
Changes made to implementation
 Migrated to MySQL database
 Created a home page
 Used ADO.Net entity object to access to the database
 Tables
 Bookings
 hotelRooms
 Hotels
 registeredUsers
Progress achieved
 Connect to the database
 Add 2 other hotels to our
project as recommended
 Program has access to
the database
 Database built and
populated for hotels,
rooms and users
Database Schema
 We currently have 4 tables that are associated with the
solution for our Hotel Management System.
Demonstration of Application
Plans for the future
Deliverable 4/21/11
• To have a complete working model of our hotel management
•Demonstrate functionality that allows users to:
•How customers make bookings for a specific room
•Make a booking for a specific room
•Register users that don’t currently have an account
•Search functionality