By Greek: Artemis
By Roman: Diana
Really By: Alexandra Costanzo
For I am the goddess of…
* healing
* wildlife
* the Hunt
* wilderness
* childbirth
* the moon
I’m immortal!
(just try to kill me)
I am super strong.
I am able to transform myself and other people
into different things.
I can heal injuries on living beings
(although I don’t very often)
I can cross dimensions
(going from Earth to Olympus is easy!)
My archery is superb!
(I hit the target every time!)
My father is the almighty Zeus, King of the
My mother is Leto, a nymph who Zeus
cheated on Hera with
My twin brother is Apollo, God of the Sun and
music and poetry
It is said that Hera was upset with Zeus for
impregnating Leto. Hera was so angry she
forbad Leto from giving birth anywhere on
land. Now Leto was able to find an island
where she did in fact give birth to her two
children. I was born first.(Which makes me
older than Apollo!) Then, because there was
no one else, I became the midwife of my
mother. That’s right, I helped deliver my
brother. Gross I know!!
I have a very strict temper. This is seen in the
story of Actaeon. Actaeon was hunting with
his dogs. While hunting he came across me
bathing in a stream. I was so angry that I
turned him into a stag. When his dogs didn’t
recognize him, they attacked and killed him
thinking nothing other than that he was just a
stray deer.
If you get me mad you might want to watch
out because I’m not known for being “nice” to
mortals. So I would watch what you say!