Advantages and disadvantages of tourism


Lesson 3

The advantages and disadvantages of tourism

Starter – Odd one Out

Great wall of China Trafalgar Square Notre Dame Times Square Disneyland Paris Tokyo Disney Louvre Niagara Falls The vatican Grand Canyon Taj Mahal The coliseum Empire State Building Giza Pyramids Fishermans Wharf Sydney opera house London Eye Magic Kingdom, Orlando

Advantages and Disadvantages of tourism

Objective: To know how tourism can affect people, places and the economy in a positive and negative way.

4. Add annotations to you all your labels explaining the positives and negatives of each development.

Holiday Island

Success Criteria 1. Make your island. It does not have to be the same but must have natural features that attract tourist and be completely undeveloped. 5. Decide whether each one is Environmental, Economic or Social. 2. Write a short description about why your island is going to be good for tourist development 3. Write a list of things that might be developed for the tourism industry for the island and add them to the best places on you map.

Individual Tasks

1. Complete the worksheet about advantages and disadvantages. 2. Explain how tourism can damage the environment 3. Explain how it can be good for the local people 4. ‘Tourism is a double-edged sword’. Explain this statement.


Just a minute: One person has to speak for one minute about the advantages of tourism without; repetition, deviation or hesitation!