An evaluation of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage

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Dr. Kevin Griffin
Hospitality Management and Tourism
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Tourism Management / Heritage / Visitor
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An evaluation of Religious Tourism and
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Social commentators repeatedly remind us that the world is becoming increasingly secularised,
however data (which are scarce and fragmented) suggest that pilgrimage and religious tourism
are increasing significantly. The focus of this project is intentionally broad to allow prospective
students the opportunity to develop a focus which deals with a theme of relevance to them and
is linked to their research strengths. Suggested themes include (but are not limited to):
motivation / behaviour / experience at sacred sites; management of religious tourism and
pilgrimage; pilgrimage as a tool for intercultural dialogue etc. Research approaches can range
from qualitative to quantitative, and focus can be local, national or international.
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This project would be suitable for a graduate of Tourism, but also related disciplines such as
geography, religious studies, sociology etc. A Degree at the level of 2:1 is essential.
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