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«Космический туризм»
для 7 класса
УМК «New Millennium English»
Space Tourism
The history of space
tourism dates back to
2001 when Denis Tito
American company Space
Adventures together with
Russian astronauts made
a trip into space.
Denis Tito is an American millionaire. He
was interested in space, comets and new
planets in childhood. He orbited the Earth
128 times and spent 8 days on the ISS.
His flight began a new era of space
Firstly, he should be a very
rich person because the flight
costs about 40 million dollars.
A space tourist has to pay
nearly 50 million dollars more
if he wants
to have a
Secondly, it is necessary for him to have
a good health and do special training
before the flight. Also, he couldn’t have a
criminal past. A space tourist must not
drink alcohol or take drugs. Finally, he
should speak English fluently.
Gregory Olsen
Dennis Tito
Mark Shuttleworth
Anousher Ansari
Charles Simonyi
Richard Garriott
Guy Laliberte
All space tourists are from different
counties but they have the same
impressions from the flights. They find
them exciting and unforgettable.
Nowadays scientists are trying to develop
space tourism in order to get money on
space research. They are planning to
organize a flight to the Moon.
If you want to become next space
tourist and travel in a spaceship round
the Moon in 2015 you shouldn’t waste
your time.
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