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Workshop 3
Supporting Students’ Oral
Language Development
Workshop 3
Supporting Student’s
Literacy learning
Discussion in Pairs - Reading on
Register from Workshop 2
• Select something from the reading
• Explain it in your own words
• Give an example of what it might
mean for you in your daily work.
Workshop 3
Session 2
Slide 2
Before introducing any small group
Children will need to be taught the
language and vocabulary required for
the activity before being expected to
take part in it successfully. For this
reason small group activities should
be planned as part of the classroom
program or topic being studied not as
separate one-off activities.
Workshop 3
Session 2
Slide 3
Small group oral activity
E.g. One way information gap task
•• C
The one who has the
• Has no information
• Gives clear precise
• Listens carefully to A
for instruction /
• Answers clarifying
questions from B
• Asks clarifying
questions from A
Observes and discusses the activity with A and B
when it is finished.
Workshop 3
Session 2
Slide 4
Small group oral activity
E.g. Two way information gap task
. •A, B, C and D sit in a circle facing each other
•4 pictures in a sequence
•Must talk but not show
•Clear, precise information sharing
•Only look when confident
E – Records examples of the language used
Workshop 3
Session 2
Small group oral activity
E.g. Describe and draw
Other student
• C
• Draws a picture or • Listens attentively
series of shapes
• Draws pictures
• Gives clear, precise
and shapes after
• Uses positional
Observer - Records examples of language
Workshop 3
Session 2
Slide 6
Analysis of language used
Reflect on:
• the language that was used during
each of the small group activities
• examples of language used by the
• function of the particular language
Workshop 3
Session 2
Slide 7
Planning Framework
A. Getting ready
B. Show me how - modelling
C. Help me do it – guided practice
D. Let me do it myself – independent
E. What did I learn - reflection
Workshop 3
Session 2
Slide 8
• What did you learn from this session?
• What skills/ knowledge did you need
to participate?
• How did you feel during and after the
• Have you seen small group activities
used in your school?
• Will you use these with your students?
Workshop 3
Session 2
Slide 9
Homework Task
This homework task is in two Parts:
• Part One (Begin or complete this
during Workshop 3)
• Part Two
Discuss the lesson with the teacher
and ask if you can deliver it during
one of your small group sessions.
Workshop 3
Session 2
Slide 10
• Words on the poster?
• Any words you want to note to find
out more about (Google, ask a
• Add to the Glossary page at the end
of your workbook
Workshop 3
Session 2
Slide 11
Explore opportunities for oral
language development through
small group activities.
Examine a range of activities
suitable for use with small groups.
The Strong Literacy and Numeracy in Communities Pilot was funded by the Australian
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