PowerPoint Presentation - Digital Media Literacy (DML)

Digital Media Literacy
Mr. Robison
Room 209
Who am I?
What is
Digital Media Literacy
 21st century skills involving media, technology,
and communication skills.
What does Literacy mean?
 Literacy: competence or knowledge in a
specified area :
 computer literacy can't be taught in three hours.
What we will talk about:
 Keyboarding
 Increase Speed and Accuracy
 Examining News Value
 Editorial Cartoon, TV v. Print, Accurateness
 Online Reading
 Read, Interpret, Summarize
 Graphics
 Color Idiom, Applying Graphics
 Online Researching
 Research, Strategies, Paper
More cool stuff to do:
 Concept Mapping
 Who am I?, Mission Statement
 Print Publishing
 Flyer, Book Cover, Program Design
 Presentation Skills
 Speech Topic, Active Listening RC
 Digital Citizenship
 Web Quest, Blog
 Online Journaling/Writing
 Currently Reading
This is how we will end our year:
 Web Quest
 Science/Social Studies
 Digital Photography
 Photo Ideas, Captions, Digital Album
 Online Investigations
 Internet Sites
 Documentary Video
 Story Boarding, TSA Challenge
First Thing: Typing