Persian Gulf War


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• Explain the USA’s presence and interest in SW Asia; include the Persian

Gulf Conflict, and invasions of

Afghanistan and Iraq

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• Name three reasons why wars are fought.

Persian Gulf War

Who was involved?

• USA, Saudi

Arabia, United


Egypt, France,

Syria, Morocco,

Kuwait, Oman,

Pakistan, UAE, and a lot more countries.

• Iraq


• Aug. 2, 1990 – Iraq invaded


• Aug. 8, 1990 –Operation Desert

Shield: US troops moved into

Saudi Arabia.

• Jan. 15, 1991-War began

• Feb. 27, 1991- War ends

What happened?

• Saddam Hussein and Iraq invaded


• Worried that Iraq would continue on to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

• much of the world’s oil reserves.


• Allies met their goal of moving the Iraqis out of Kuwait in about 43 days.

• Saddam Hussein remained in power.

Additional Information

• Iraq set oil fields on fire.

• Iraq shot missiles at Israel.

• 200 American troops died.

• 100,000 Iraqi troops died.