Persian Gulf War


SS7H2d. – Top of page 43 in white margin • Explain the USA’s presence and interest in SW Asia; include the Persian Gulf Conflict, and invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq

Page 43 on the lines Copy the question and answer.

Name three reasons why wars are fought.

Persian Gulf War

Who was involved?

• USA, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Egypt, France, Syria, Morocco, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, UAE, and a lot more countries.

• Iraq

Dates • Aug. 2, 1990 – Iraq invaded Kuwait.

• Aug. 8, 1990 –Operation Desert Shield: US troops moved into Saudi Arabia.

• Jan. 15, 1991-War began • Feb. 27, 1991- War ends

What happened?

• • Saddam Hussein and Iraq invaded Kuwait. Worried that Iraq would continue on to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. • much of the world’s oil reserves.

Outcome • Allies met their goal of moving the Iraqis out of Kuwait in about 43 days. • Saddam Hussein remained in power.

Additional Information • • • • Iraq set oil fields on fire.

Iraq shot missiles at Israel.

200 American troops died.

100,000 Iraqi troops died.