1What mountain chain separates India from China and
covers the entire country of Nepal? The Himalayan Mountains
2What is a command economy? The government
makes ALL decisions and determines the price of goods
3What is the difference between a parliamentary
democracy and a dictatorship? In a dictatorship, the people
hold no power and in a parliamentary democracy, the people
elect a President or Prime Minister.
4What is reincarnation? The belief that one lives their
life over and over until they reach Nirvana or Bliss
5What is an oligarchy? Give an example A government
run by the military..Taliban
6What is OPEC? The Organization of Petroleum
Exporting Countries
7How is Iran’s government different than Saudi
Arabia’s? Iran has a religious leader and Saudi Arabia has
kings in a monarchy
8Where is Saudi Arabia, name the countries that
border it? Saudi Arabia is in the Middle East..Oman, Yeman,
Iraq, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait
9How would deforestation affect the people in that
region that is experiencing it?
10- What are the negative impacts of the one child policy in
China? Too many boys, not enough girls to marry, girls being
11- Why is Northern China sparsely populated?
MOUNTAINS and cold, rocky terrain
12- Where is the Huang He River located? China also called
the Yellow River
13- What are the negatives of living along the Nile or
Ganges Rivers? Flooding and pollution
14- When did the Holocaust, Zionism, Camp David Accords,
and the Law of Return each take place? Holocaust-1940’s,
Camp David Accords-1979, Zionism 1500’s. Law of Return
15- What is the difference between a religious group and an
ethnic group? Religious groups share a common religion or
belief…An ethnic group are people who share same dress,
language, location, appearance, food…
16- Why did the United States invade Iraq in 2003? To find
weapons of Mass destruction and Saddam Hussein
17- How does the economy of China differ from the
economy of Japan? Not yet covered..
18- What is an ethnic group give an example. people who
share same dress, language, location, appearance,
food…Jamaicans/French/African/Puerto Ricans/Italians
19- Why are the monsoons needed in Southern Asia?
Farming and fertile soil
20- What ideas did Siddhartha Gautama take from
Hinduism? Karma and Reincarnation
21- How has China tried to deal with having over a billion
people within its country? ONE CHILD POLICY
22- What are the characteristics of a developing nation
versus a developed nation?
How does literacy rate affect a countries development?
24- After which war did the Ottoman Empire come to an
end? World War II..They chose the losing side of Germany
25- How was Japan able to rebound from the destruction
and defeat they suffered in World War II? 26- How are
Sunni and Shi’a Muslims different? Beliefs over who should
be the successor to Muhammad. Research to find out who
supports each side.
27- Why did the US invade Afghanistan? After 9/11 US
invaded to find Osama bin Laden and Al Queda
Explain market economy. This type economy is often
referred to as capitalist because it is driven by supply and demand
29- Why would the United States most likely place an
embargo against North Korea? North Korea is Communist
and the US could stop trade due to political differences
How was Korea divided after WWII? 38th Parallel..
31- Why did the people of Asia want independence from
colonial powers?
32- Why was the Palestinian Liberation Organization
formed? To reclaim Arab land from Israel and break up the
country of Israel
33- Seasonal weather patterns determine when Pakistani
farmers will receive adequate rainfall to grow crops. At what
time of year might they expect to receive this much-needed
water? Monsoon season..Look at your notes for time of year
34- Countries in what region export the most oil worldwide?
Middle East
35- Why is Israel constantly fighting with its neighbors?
Over land and religion. Everyone believes the land is theirs
36- Why have the Tigris and Euphrates rivers caused
conflict? Dams along the river limit the water
supply..Countries in conflict
How does drought affect farmers? No water=no crops
38- How would the Ganges River help promote trade?
39- How does Confucianism differ from Hinduism?
Confucianism is a not a religion, but a belief or set of rules to
be a good person and has no gods..Hinduism is a religion
and a set of gods
Where is the Three Gorges Dam? China
41- What are the benefits to investing in human capital?
Better workers=better quality or quantity of work, meaning
MORE $$$
Where is the Ganges River located? India
43- How would lack of natural resources negatively impact
a country’s economic growth?
What type of government does Saudi Arabia have?
45- Why have the Japanese invested so much into
technology? Not on the test..Not yet covered
46- Why would some of the most polluted cities be located
in India and China? Air pollution and water pollution is a big
47- Why did the US join the Persian Gulf War? Iraq invaded
Kuwait and Kuwait asked the US for help