Persian Gulf War 1991

Persian Gulf War
U.S. troops engaged: 2,183,000
Allied casualties: 147
U.S., Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, and Italy went to war against
Iraq on January 16, 1991, in response to Iraq's August 1, 1990, invasion and
annexation of Kuwait.
President Bush sent 430,000 troops to Saudi Arabia to lead the U.N.-sponsored
coalition and protect that country from an attack by Iraq.
The U.N. Security Council set a Jan. 15, 1991 deadline for Iraq to withdraw
unconditionally from Kuwait.
The next day, Congress gave approval for a huge air attack against military targets
in Iraq and Kuwait.
A ground war followed. U.S. and coalition forces were too much for Iraq
President Saddam Hussein and his troops and the attack ended in four days.
Iraq withdrew from Kuwait on February 28, 1991—though not before setting fire
to more than 500 Kuwaiti oil wells.
Official cease-fire declared, 1991; Iraq agreed to U.N. peace terms, and Saddam
Hussein remained in power.