Persian gulf war questions worksheet


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Why did Saddam Hussein order his army to invade Kuwait?

Because he felt Kuwait was stealing Iraq’s oil … AND … he felt since Kuwait was keeping their oil prices low, it was hurting Iraq’s economy


How can holding down oil prices slow Iraq’s economy?

Kuwait’s oil supply is greater than that of Iraq; therefore, they can sell their oil real cheap. Iraq does not have as much oil; therefore, they have to sell their oil at a higher price. Therefore, people will buy

Kuwait’s cheaper oil and Iraq loses money. 3.

How did Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev react when Iraq invaded Kuwait?

He stopped shipping arms (guns and ammunition) to Iraq.



Why was this so surprising?

Because prior to this, the Soviet Union had always supported Iraq and had always been enemies with the US. However, AFTER Iraq invaded Kuwait, the Soviet Union quit supporting Iraq and sided with the US.

What was President George H W Bush’s “new world order”?

That all the world’s leading powers would work together to stop aggression – meaning, they would work together to stop countries from invading other countries.


Why did President Bush immediately send troops to Saudi Arabia after Iraq invaded Kuwait?

He did not want Saddam Hussein to invade Saudi Arabia also! If Hussein had invaded Saudi Arabia,

he would have had control of ½ of the world’s oil supply! 7.

Why do you think other Arab countries got involved against Iraq as well?

They were afraid Hussein would invade their country as well if he was not stopped.


Why were some US military leaders opposed to using force?

They were afraid Hussein would use chemical weapons on the American troops – they KNEW he had chemical weapons because he had used them twice before – once against Iran and again against the Kurds. They were also afraid he had nuclear weapons.


How many countries joined the US in the coalition against Iraq?



When did the assault against Iraq begin? January 15, 1991 11.

When had Saddam Hussein been warned about the dangers of his threat to invade Kuwait?

July 25 th , 1990


Why did President Bush decide to allow Saddam to stay in power?

He felt since Hussein was weakened by his defeat, his weak government was better than an Islamic

government – like the one in Iran. 13.

What did Iraqi troops do as they retreated from Kuwait?

They set fire to 700 oil fields and spilled millions of gallons of oil into the Persian Gulf.


Why was this war so lopsided? America lost 146 lives / the coalition lost 260 … BUT Iraq lost over 100,000 lives! 15.

Why does the presence of American troops in the Persian Gulf create tensions?

Because America has totally different values, culture, and traditions than the Arabs.


How do Arab nations regard the US military presence?

It is a reminder to the Arabs of their weaknesses – they are not strong enough to stop invaders without

the American’s help! 17.

Why was Osama bin Laden upset over the presence of the US troops?

He felt it was wrong for Americans – who were not Muslims – to be in the birthplace of the Islamic founder – Muhammad.