E-learning Management System

Welcome to the
GoScored E-Learning System
The GoScored E-Learning System
Feature List:
1. Courses and Contents (with categories).
2. Online Assessment.
3. Discussion Forum.
4. Video chat using Google Hangout API.
5. Notice Board.
6. Digital Library.
7. Student’s Query and Ticket Booking.
8. Report.
9. Customized Theme
10. Help and Support Section
Courses and Contents
Courses, syllabus tree and modules, with
scheduled time is declaired
Contents & Course Materials are uploaded in this
Online Assessment
The Crux of the system –
– It saves immense teacher's time
– Introduces the students to modern evaluation
– The evaluation of the answer sheet is automatic and
– Grading system can also be incorporated
– Student's certificates can also be created
Discussion Forum
Creates a virtual campus environment
Promotes Knowledge sharing and
information dissipation
Allows students to work together on
projects in small groups
Participate in on-going discussions
focused on course content
Present group project products to the
rest of the class.
Teachers can also participate in a
Video chat on demand
Google hangout API will
be incorporated into the
system for chat or video
chat between students
and teacher, as and when
required. This is subject to
terms laid down by
Google inc.
Notice Board
Notice boards are an ideal
platform to allow
administrator or teacher to
put up information if they
want it to be seen by
everyone or specificic
Notice boards serve the
purpose of informing,
guiding and directing people
to the right place for the
right purpose.
Digital Library
Repositary for the future
Reference for the Present
This module includes
I.Efficient and effective storage of digital materials
contributed by teachers.
II.Secure, reliable, long-term preservation for
deposited materials.
III.Cataloguing of the materials.
IV.Search and retrieve relavant documents easily
V.One can also download and print.
Student’s Query and ticket booking
Help is never far for students
They can ask questions by
booking of ticket
Subsequently they may be
answered by designated
Records of conversation are
Statistical Analysis
An extensive statistical analysis will be included in the system,
pertaining to all the three levels of administrator, teachers and
Has access to all students and teachers activities
Has macro level access to progress of institute
Has access to all students and their performance
Has micro level access to subjects and courses
Has access to all his performance and progress
Has a comparable score report wrt the mass
Customized Theme
The font style, background and
logo can be customized so as to
seamlessly integrate with the
institute's existing website or color
Help and Support
The system will be
intuitive and user friendly
to operate. However, a
guide and help document
will be provided each for
admin, teachers and
students, on the general
operation of the system.
Why SaaS
(Software as a Service)
• Institute pays only for number of
student users per year
• There are no payments for server,
software, software updates or licenses
• The institute only needs net connected
Pcs/Laptops/Tabs to function
• There are no investment on setting up
of expensive equipments
Thank You!
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