Snowmen Door Decorations Submitted by Micha

Snowmen Door Decorations
Submitted by Micha Konkler, University of Southern Indiana
Items you'll need are:
- 3 different sized Styrofoam balls
- toothpicks
- orange paint
- paper (your choice of color)
- glue gun (and lots of glue sticks)
- Ribbon and needles (your choice of color ribbon)
- Red and black permanent markers
- For the buttons I used these little black things that I just shoved into the Styrofoam
- Googly eyes
Cut the Styrofoam balls in half. The connect them with the toothpicks. Draw the face, Glue the eyes. Trace the body
over the paper and at the bottom make room to write their names. I used tooth picks as arms, but I should have used
something else. Superglue the body to the paper.
Check out picture on the next slide….