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Earth Model Project
100 Points (In Class Project)
Materials needed:
1. Styrofoam ball (between 6-8 inches in diameter)
2. Paints (i.e. tempura paints ) (various colors) – NO water color
3. Mini paint brush(es)
4. Toothpicks, pins, or glue to secure each label
5. Anything else needed to make an incredible Earth Model
6. Base for Earth Model (optional)
1. Buy any/all necessary materials
2. Cut out continents from the world map and trace onto styrofoam ball.
3. Paint continents and oceans (must be to scale). Outline the continents to make them
4. Let paint dry.
5. Cut styrofoam ball in half VERTICAL from north pole to south pole.
6. Use figures 1 & 2 on pages 190-1 to paint the inside of the Earth Model. One side will be
the Chemical Composition and the other side will be the Physical Properties
7. Let paint dry.
8. TYPE necessary vocabulary words, print, and label each of the following:
Outer core
Inner core
All 7 continents
All 4 oceans
9. Create a base (no bigger than 8x10) to be able to display the Earth Model (optional).
10. Label your heading (last name, first name, period, date, Mrs. Geidel’s Class) and place it
on Los Angeles.
11. Do not glue the Earth Model to the base. It should be able to slide off easily to display.
12. You MUST do something unique/creative for your project.
Extra Credit Options:
 Do something to the project that goes above and beyond what is expected (varies on extra
credit points based on creativity)
Show how earthquake waves
Show which layers have
travel through the earth
convection currents
What are the layers made of?
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Students will be graded on:
 Ability to follow directions (30 points) __________
 Accuracy of labels (30 points) __________
 How closely the Earth Model is to scale (10 points) HINT: LOOK AT A GLOBE NOT
A FLAT MAP __________
 Neatness - pride taken in work (20 points) __________
 Creativity (10 points) __________
Total Points: __________ / 100
Extra Credit: __________
Grade on Project: __________
(please tear off this page and return it to Mrs. Geidel)
Earth Model Project
100 Points (In Class Project)
I have read and understand the Earth Model project directions.
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