Revision Revolution students

Revision Revolution
This booklet suggests ways to help
your brain remember things……..
It still needs your help to make it
happen before exams!
Don’t just learn - RECALL
After 10 minutes
Again after 1 day
Again after 1 week
Again after 1 month
Again after 3months
You can recall by reading, writing, drawing,
talking acting, thinking……ANYTHING about it!
The Ideal Study Hour
Looking and Learning
Draw a mind map.
Make up a diagram to show the main facts
and ideas.
Use a highlighter to highlight the keywords
you need to learn. Trace each word in the
air. You could use different colour for
different subjects.
Try to create a guided visualisation for
other members of your group – try it out
on them.
Hearing and Learning
With a partner read the text clearly aloud, paying close
attention to the way it sounds. Now try reading it to
yourself softly, (not silently in your head).
Make up questions to ask about the text and then question
your revision ‘partner’ - This might be a friend, or family,
perhaps even yourself especially of you leave a gap before
saying out loud or writing your answers to the questions.
Make up a role play where you act out events or processes.
Decide on the key words and facts you need to learn.
Experiment with different ways of saying the keywords out
loud. Maybe use different voices or emphasize different
parts of the word.
Make up a mnemonic to remember important facts. “Richard
Of York Gave Battle In Vain”: Red Orange Yellow Green Blue
Indigo Violet.
Doing and Learning
Go for a walk or move around as you read through
the text.
Write out the main points on index cards and then
arrange the cards in order. Turn them over then
try and remember what each one says. Don’t
expect to get it right first time. It’s fine to check
when you can’t remember.
Use ‘post-it’ notes to write down the main points
OR main questions. Stick the ‘post-it’ notes around
the wall or room. Use different colours and move
the notes around.
Imagine the main points fixed on parts of your
body –big toe, knee, elbow, nose etc. Move or
touch each part as you remember the point.
Reading is often the start, but when you
read, you are taking information IN.
You need to practise putting
information OUT like you do for an
So stop reading after 5minutes and
write or talk or draw to practise
putting the information OUT.
What Helps You To Study?
When is your Ideal Study
4pm – 5pm
5pm – 6pm
6pm – 7pm
7pm – 8pm
8pm – 9pm
9pm – 10pm
Where are you on the Revision
I’ve never
revision for
exams and
it’s always
been OK
I feel
in my
I’ve tried
revision but
it could be
need to do
this year
I want to
revise for
my exams
this year
Be Successful!
Recall your lessons
Try the Ideal Study Hour – it reduces
stress as well as helping your brain
Keep Healthy – eat well, sleep well,
reward yourself
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