Why Revise?

Process in
Facts about Revision
• For the novice writer, revision appears to be
synonymous with editing or proofreading.
• Students should discuss positive rather than
negative aspects of their writings when
• The computer can offer real facilitation of
revision "to writers who know how to
compose on one."
• The whole essay should be more important
than its parts.
Questions to Ask Yourself
• What is my purpose?
• Do all of my paragraphs work towards fulfilling
that purpose?
• Are all my ideas (body paragraphs)adequately
• Do my paragraphs build from weakest to
• Does my introduction grab attention and give an
overview of my topic?
• Does my conclusion do more than simply “restate” the thesis? Do I make global connections
and prove why my topic is important?
Things to put off till Later:
Is this word better than that word?
Do I need a comma here?
Is this spelled right?
How many sentences should I have here?
Does this sentence sound awkward?
Have I taken out all my “you” and “I” ?
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