The Young Plan Study Guide

Alison Warren
Shayden MacPherson
Kevin Neufeld
Ryan Leung
The Young Plan was a, revision from the original
payment plan the Dawes Plan in 1924, reparation
payments to the Allies from Germany after the
First World War
This revision was made because of the massive
economic turn down the global economy was
The Young Plan occurred from June 8th to August
2nd 1929
As a result of the Young Plan the Ruhr was given
back to Germany on June 30th 1930
-after all profits the Rurh had been given to France as
from the WWI
This revision took place in Paris
The Young Plan involved Germany and the
It also involved the international bank
Names the ‘Young Plan’ after Owen Young a
American Banker
The revision of the reparation payments was
because of the depression the world economy
was experiencing
The German government could no longer
mean the required payments with out further
crippling their country
Which could not have benefited any of the Allied countries
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