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Year 11 Subject Exam Revision Guide
Exam Board & Syllabus:
Number of Exams (& Length):
Date of Exams (Approximately):
Content of Exams (Summary):
OCR (Schools History Project A – J415)
2 (Paper 1 (2hours) and Paper 2 (1.5 hours))
Both in June of Year 11
Paper 1: Medicine Through Time & Germany, 1919-1945
Paper 2: A source-based study about developments in a
particular area of British medicine. The topic will vary
each year, but will be made known to students before the
What Content* Should Be Revised?
• Medicine: Prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Reniassance, 19th and 20th
• Germany: From 1919 (The Treaty of Versailles) to 1945 (the end of the 2nd World War).
* More detailed course outlines can be found on the ‘Curriculum’ section of the website. Please
refer to both Years 10 and 11.
Recommended Websites:
• http://www.schoolshistory.org.uk/medicine.htm
• http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/history/shp/
A Recommended Study Guide:
• Heinemann Revision for GCSE: Schools History Project: SHP - Schools History Project
(Heinemann Secondary History Project) by Mr Nigel Kelly and Ms Judith Kidd