Exam Preparation - Jedburgh Grammar School

We want you to do as well as you can in your exams.
To help you do your best, here are some tips on how to prepare yourself
for your exams.
Before the exam period
Look at your course notes and if possible the syllabus and devise a
revision programme - consult your teacher if necessary.
Start your revision early.
Prepare a revision programme/timetable which gives a share of time
to all your subjects and which you can stick to.
If the teacher has given you a study guide or list of learning
outcomes, use it to check that you have all the information you need.
Check for gaps in your knowledge and work on them.
Make sure you know how much time you will be given and how many
questions you should answer.
Practice past papers or sample papers to become familiar with the
style of the tests. Try to stick to the times you will have in the
'real' exam.
Talk questions through with teachers and classmates. Hand work in
to be checked or marked.
The more you practise, the more confident you will feel and the more
easily your thoughts will flow in the test.
Practice and revision will increase your confidence. You'll know what to
expect, what you are to do, what materials are to be used, where you are
to work and how much time you'll have.
Sitting the exam
Read the instructions carefully.
Attempt all questions - especially multiple choice - you've nothing to
Take plenty space with your answers. Remember someone has to
mark your answers. Make it easy for her/him by taking care to set
out clearly.
Number the answers clearly to match the questions.
Don't get stuck on a question you find difficult. Move on but return
to it later, taking care to keep your answers in the proper order.
If you feel your answer is incomplete, leave sufficient space below, so
you can come back to it later and keep it all together.
If you make a mistake, don't rub out - cross through. What you write
might be correct and you might want to re-use it later.
If you start to run out of time, write short accurate notes instead of
Try to leave time to read through your answers and check any
calculations you have made.
And finally
Remember, doing your best is not about luck. Success in exams is based
on sound knowledge, practised skills and thorough preparation.
So, do not rely on luck - but good luck anyway.