Your Role Play

Stone Bridge DECA
District Leadership Conference
November 19, 2011
Your Role Play
• Cross Out Procedure
• Read, underline, and write out out
performance indicators= 90% of your
role play score
• Event Situation
– Write out your role
– Role of Judge
– Name of Company
Who is the judge and what
do they do?
• Judges are members of the community
• Don’t be scared or nervous in front of
them- they are here to help
• Don’t get frustrated if they seem tough
Judge Continued
• Each judge will ask you the same
question they asked all of the other
competitors in that category
• When reading your role play scenario
try and anticipate what your judge might
ask so you are ready
Let’s Go Over the Role Play
• Flip to page 6 in your packet
• Let’s over the “Role Play Checklist”
• If you go through this checklist
before Saturday you will do great!
Being Competitive: Common
Lack of confidence
Lack of intro
Lack of effort
Lack of structure
Excessive crutch works- for example “um”
Too few gimicks
Too many gimicks
Wow Factor
Firm handshake
Set up situation/ ask for a reenter
“Hi, my name is _________. As I understand it, in this
role play, I’ll be the ____________, and you be the
_________, at ___________. Also, we’ll be meeting in
_________, to talk about ____________. Do you mind if I
step out and come back in?
Ask to be seated
Sit 3 inches away
Eye contact
Sit on edge of chair
Set Up Your Presentation
• First I’d like to talk to you about….
• Then I’d like to ….
• Does that sound good?
• Place competencies into your intro
Top Ten Tips for Trophies
10. Develop Your
9. Practice Your Pitch
8. Jargon Your Judge
7. Enthuse Your Judge
6. Wow the World
5. Roadmap your Rap
4. Enlist and Expert
3. Captivate Your
2. Visualize Your
1. Practice!
How Do I Get To The DECA
Competitive Website
• Here you can find:
– Performance Indicators
– Sample Exam
– Sample Event
– DECA Images Resources
DECA Role Play Videos
• Role Play Scenario- 8 Minutes
• Role Play Example- 5 Minutes