Module Six

Implementing the Business Services
Operations Research Event
Module Six:
•I. Executive Summary
•Define executive summary.
•Identify elements to include in the executive summary.
•Identify ways to format the executive summary.
•Understand that the executive summary is one of the
most important parts of the project.
Define executive summary.
• The executive summary is a brief explanation of the key points that are in your
• It should only be ONE page.
• You can single-space it if you need to.
• It should open with a compelling story of the problem to be addressed and it
should persuade the reader that the proposed plan is going to be a success.
• It briefly addresses each topic in the plan and gives an explanation of costs
involved with implementing the plan.
Identify elements to include in the executive summary.
A Company Description Summary
The Problem
Your Solution
Research Methods Used, including your SWOT Analysis
What is Unique about Your Proposed Idea
The Timeline
Costs, Benefits, and Return on Investment
Identify ways to format the executive summary.
Use white space.
Use your project’s color theme.
Organize it in the same order as your project.
Include items that are a part of your branding identity associated
with your strategic plan.
You may write in paragraphs, use charts, graphs, and bulleted lists
when appropriate.
Bold, italicize, and underline to call attention to key points, phrases,
and headings.
Keep it brief and not too wordy.
Be persuasive.
Understand that the executive summary is one of the most important
parts of the project.
• The executive summary is the first thing the reader (DECA judge) will focus on.
• It’s the LAST part of the project you write because it is a summary of everything you
have completed, created, proposed, and implemented.
• It needs to be professional, exciting, and persuasive.
• The goal is to “wow” the reader and make them want to continue reading your project.
• Be passionate and creative.
• Always remember the role of the reader (and of the DECA students), as it is outlined in
the DECA Guidelines.
PostNet & DECA – Creating the Executive Summary
• Use white space on the executive summary to draw
attention to the key points.
• Use the same color theme and branding identity that you
have been using throughout your entire project.
• After the project has been written and edited, for the final
project, consider going to PostNet to have them
professionally print your project.
Conclusion of Module Six:
I. Executive Summary
Keep it simple and easy to read.
Be creative and passionate.
It’s the most important page in your project.
Be persuasive.
Organize it in the same way that the project is outlined.
Look at the sample projects on DECA’s website to see how students format
executive summaries on the various DECA projects. Even though they may all be
formatted differently, the main points for their projects are still communicated to
the reader.