Branding and Promotional Materials:Briefing Session presentation

Branding and Promotional Materials
Compulsory Briefing Session
4 October 2013
1. Welcome
2. Introduction of RAF members
3. Circulation of Attendance Register
4. Presentation by RAF :
a. Procurement
b. Marketing & Communication
c. Scope of Work/Specification
5. Q & A
6. Closing
Bid Details
The RAF has an integrated Marketing and Communication Strategy
2. All RAF stakeholders play an important role in referring affected
accident victims directly to RAF for assistance
3. Corporate gifts and promotional materials play an important role in
relationship building
4. Promotional materials allow communities to build a relationship with
the brand through personal interaction with employees and brand
5. Positive brand touch points are critical in building sustainable
relationships between RAF brand and all its stakeholders and
Scope of Work
The successful bidder must:
1.Provide contemporary and modern branding and promotional materials
2.Demonstrate variety in terms of product mix – wide range of products
3.Indicate whether their supply base – RSA or international
4.Comply with 5 – 7 days turn-around time after brief from RAF
5.Indicate if their branding capacity (printing) is in-house and/or external
6.Provide at least 3 contactable references where they have provided
similar services
7.Furnish proof of highest volume they once handled, provide client
8.Outline approval processes with their clients
Compliance Issues
1. Document check list in the bid document
2. No telephonic communication
3. Only email communication up to the 8th of October 2013
4. Complete in full and sign the bid document
5. All supporting documents (where applicable) must be submitted
6. Bid closing date and time must be observed
NB. Bidders may be disqualified for non-compliance, should applicable
documents not be submitted
Mandatory Requirements
1. The bidder must confirm that they have read and understood
the terms and conditions set out in the bid document, which
terms and conditions the bidder accepts, in the event that the
RAF awards the contract to the bidder pursuant to this bid
2. Failure by the successful bidder to conclude a contract within
30 days following the issuing by the Fund of the award letter
to the successful bidder, will result in the bid being deemed to
be non-responsive which will then entitle the RAF to consider
other responsive bids and award the tender to another bidder
or bidders
Evaluation Criteria
1. Price = 90 points
2. BBBEE = 10 points
3. Technical and Functional:
3.1 Demonstrate ability to provide a variety of products = 20 points
3.2 Branding capacity:
3.2.1 In-house = 15 points
3.2.2 Outsourced = 5 points
4. Proposal on relevant materials, list top ten items, lead times = 20
5. Proof of past experience – supplying branding and promotional
materials, attach 3 samples = 20 points
6. Indicate supply base:
6.1 Local (RSA) = 15 points
6.2 International (import) = 5 points
1. All bidders who score less than 75% on functionality will not be
considered for further evaluation on Price and BBBEE
2. Failure to submit valid and original tax clearance certificate
Response Format
Bid response format to be strictly adhered to for easy reference
2.Supporting documents
4.Business profile
5.Binding documents !!!!!
6.Each JV/consortium partner/party to submit all required documents