Extreme Natural Events

Extreme Natural Events
Focusing questions
• What are extreme natural events and where and
how often do they occur?
• What are the natural and cultural features of the
environments that make them vulnerable to
• What natural processes are involved in the
formation of earthquakes?
• What effects do earthquakes have on land and
the people?
• How have different groups of people responded
to the effects of earthquakes?
• How many extreme natural events can you
think of?
• How may these be categorised?
• Use the A-Z template in teams.
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Key Terms
• Extreme natural event : An abnormally
severe natural event, like a storm, flood,
tropical cyclone, landslide or tsunami.
• Natural event : Any event that is caused
by natural processes.
• Natural disaster : An extreme natural
event that affects people.
• Natural hazard : an extreme natural event
which could threaten people.
Natural processes
• A natural event is the
result of a series of
related actions known
as processes. Rainfall
processes for
example, include
condensation and
Copy the Venn diagram below and give a name to the data found at the
intersection of the diagram.
• Add the following examples to the appropriate places :
1. Farms, towns, mines
2. A volcanic eruption on an uninhabited island
3. A volcanic eruption in Auckland
Extreme Natural
Human use of
an area
Classification of Extreme natural
1. Duration of the event. Some may last for
years (eg. coastal erosion) while others
are over in a few seconds. (eg. An
2. Frequency of the event. Some may occur
many times a year (eg. Storms) while
others may occur only once every 500
years (eg. earthquake)
Classification of Extreme natural
events ctd..
3. Damage caused. Some extreme natural
events cause a lot of damage and death
(eg. a cyclone) while others cause very
little damage & are rarely life-threatening
(eg. A frost)
4. The area affected. Some extreme natural
events affect huge areas (eg. A tsunami)
while others may affect only a few
hectares (eg. hail)
Scattergraph to show different
types of extreme natural events.
Construct a pie graph of the world’s
extreme natural events.
World pattern of extreme natural
• Use an atlas to help you complete a world
map showing the pattern of extreme
natural events.
• Complete activity sheet on world patterns.
Personal Key
• Choose an extreme natural event that you
have either experienced or studied.
Describe your thoughts and feelings about
this event.
The reasons why New Zealand
is vulnerable to different types
of extreme natural events.