Knowledge check 2

Knowledge check 2
A. (Question 1 of 8) Liquefaction is:
a. failure of oil tanks
b. failure of the ground
c. another term for flooding
d. tsunami inundation
B. (Question 2 of 8) Liquefaction is caused by:
a. tsunami
b. pumping out ground water
c. shaking
d. leakage of water tanks
C. (Question 3 of 8) Liquefaction occurs primarily in?
a. The Himalayan Mountains
b. Soft sandy soils with high water table
c. Lakeside deposits
e. High clay content soils with a high water table.
D. (Question 4 of 8) Which is NOT a source of data for seismic hazard assessment?
a. Historical seismicity
b. Collapsed buildings
c. Geological maps
d. Instrumental seismicity
E. (Question 5 of 8) Gutenberg-Richter?
a. Is an earthquake fault in the southern Philippines
b. Is an earthquake fault in Germany
c. Is a relation indicating the number of earthquakes in a region
d. Is the founder of plate tectonics
F. (Question 6 of 8) the ‘b’ value is a measure of?
a. The relative number of large and small earthquakes
a. The decay of ground motion
b. The strength of braced steel frames
c. The cost of strengthening braced steel frames
G. (Question 7 of 8) Probability of Exceedance is a measure of?
a. The ratio of large and small earthquakes.
b. The decay of ground motion.
c. The likelihood of a something being larger
d. The odds that the retrofit budget will be exceeded
H. (Question 8 of 8) Which software CANNOT be used to estimate earthquake risk?
c. Microsoft Excel
d. Microsoft PowerPoint