How To Upload Photos to google drive

A poorly made Tutorial By Avery
Go to
Login to the photo account
Username: mayospartanphotos
Password: gospartans
Upon Logging in,you should see a folder titled
“raw photos” click on it.
Next,click on “create”,then click “new folder”
Next You should see a Title screen as seen below,label your
new folder with the name of the event then the date on which
the photos were shot. Then click “create and share”
You should now see your folder. Click on it. Next,click on the arrow on the
right side of “create”. Then under that click “files”.
Once you’ve clicked “files” you should a window like this:
From here you should be able to select
your photos.
Once you have your photos selected,click open.
Now you should see this window:
Click “upload and share”,That’s it! The editors
will take it from there.