Weather Textbook Project

Earth’s Weather
Name: ______________________Date: ______________
Fifth Grade Science Project
Your assignment is to author and publish a book about weather. It is
your job to work independently to research a topic about weather for a
first grade student. We will submit your book to Mrs. Rainaldi and Ms.
Browning to use with their students as the first graders study
interesting weather facts. So put on your thinking caps to let the
exploration and creativity begin.
The following website will be useful:
The Task:
1. Identify a topic.
2. Please choose a topic that is not too broad, but not too narrow
that you will not be able to find enough information for your
3. Gather your information.
4. Organize your information in an appropriate sequence.
5. Now that you have your information, grab paper, writing utensils,
and construct your book. Make it colorful and appealing to the
eye. Be sure to include photos or illustrations. Check for correct
grammar, spelling and conventions.
6. You will need:
a. The front book cover
b. The title page
c. A table of contents/or an index
d. Your text with pictures, photos, and the like
e. A credit page
f. The back cover
7. Follow the rubric and you will receive a top score!
8. Be sure to ask for help if you have a question.
9. Have fun science authors.
Your project is due: ____________________________
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