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stillLife 12views

Digital Photography
Mr. Stiles
Summer 2020
This is your 3rd assignment.- Due Friday. 6/25, Value 100 Points
Still Life – 12 views
Photograph one inanimate object 10 different
ways. Again, only ONE object!
Use different angles, close up, from above, below
or side, put it in different places, you may also
change each image in Photoshop!
1. Upload these photos to a folder and write your
First & Last name, Period number & Still Life
in the file title.
2. Double check that the photos are visible on the
folder before turning it in.
3. Upload your folder to the class Google Drive
but it is your responsibility to make sure they
are all there.
4. Your photos may also be shown in class in a
best of assignment gallery and on our website
if they are really great.