Common Wedding Traditions in Bermuda PPT

The first recorded wedding in Bermuda was
on November 26, 1609. Sir George Somers’
cook Thomas Powell was married to Elizabeth
Believe it or
The Horse and Carriage
Bride is expected to wear white (this represents
Bride has a fruitcake-which represents fruitfulness.
The cake is three tiered and covered in silver leaves.
The groom had a pound cake which is one tier
covered in gold leaves.
The colour on the groom’s cake is gold and
sometimes white-this represents wealth and
prosperity for him in marriage.
The Bride’s cake is silver or white- this represents
innocence and purity.
Both cake’s have Cedar Saplings symbolizing
strength in the marriage just like a cedar grows.
Traditional weddings were held on a Thursday. Many
people worked half a day on Thursdays. This gave
them time to set up. Receptions were held at homes.
Jumping over the broom symbolized marriage. This
was taken from slave culture as slaves could not be
married in churches.
Couples normally plant the cedar sapling which
symbolizes that the marriage will be strong,
beautiful and as fertile as a cedar tree.
Couples also walked though the moon gate which
they thought would bring good luck and
longevity. The moon gate came from Japan and
They also threw birdseed and rice after couples
as they left the church.
After the bride and groom are married, people throw either
rice or blow bubbles at them.
There is also a motorcade of cars which drive the married
couple and bridal party around the island honking their
horns, and to a special place to take pictures.
At the reception the bride and groom have their first dance,
they cut the wedding cake, and they throw a bouquet of
flowers and the garter to the single people at the reception.
They have honey moons, large bridal parties, a reception,
and decorated cars- convertibles, limousines, and so on.