vital records abstracts

Birth Abstract form (for birth certificate type documents)(feel free to make your own form or
modify) I numbered them for this example, to make it easier for us to find.) Abstract means to copy what it says. Make
notes on the side of what is true, comments, etc.
Birth record of:(name as listed:)__________________________________________
2. Date of birth: # of day________ 3 letter abbreviation of Month__________4 digit year_______
3. Place of birth: address if listed:___________________________________
City or town:__________________, Town/Township__________________, County_______________ ,
State______________, Country_______________________.
4. Father's name_______________________
5.Mother's full maiden name (if listed)____________________
6.parents' address if listed _______________________________
or city and state of residence, etc.________________________
7. [ ] abstract, [ ] transcript [ ] Delayed or [ ] birth certificate [ ] birth register (or other:_______________)
birth certificate No. if listed ________________State no.___________County No.____________other__________
8. Agency name: example: State Board of Health, Division of Vital statistics or ___________________________State
Archives or other:______________________________________________________________________________
9. repository is in the city of : _______________________(building that has the record: archive, library, courthouse, etc.)
10. title of book the record is taken from:___________________________
11. volume_____
12. page______
13. year record made______ (time record made:______(could be a clue to when they attended school, joined the
military, got married, applied for work, applied for social security.)
14. born at Home, Hospital, unknown or other:___________________
15. Sex of child: M / F
if multiple birth: twin, triplet, other_______________ Birth order if multiple birth #_______________
# of child born to mother___________
Father's color/race______________________
Mom's color/race__________________
Father's age______________________
Father's birthplace____________________
Mom's age__________
Mom's birthplace_________________________
16. Parents' occupations:________________________________________________________
Father's occupation___________________
Mom's occupation__________________________
Clues to further records: Physician's name:_________________
birth announcements in newspaper or church or other newsletter:
hospital records:________________________other:_________________________________________________
1. 2 Oct 2015 (bad, I didn't put what record or even record group I looked at!)
2. New Jersey State Archives, Returns of Births, vol CM: p. 700; (1877), Edith [Ramsburg]; Trenton.
Marriage Abstract for:
1.Groom's name:_______________________________and Bride's maiden/name as listed:________________________
2.where married: street address if listed: ________________________
city_____________________________ county________________________,
3.When Married: # of day_______3 digit month abbreviation_________year________
4.groom's age
or estimated birth year
or actual birthdate________________________
birthplace of groom_________________
groom's parents:______________________________________________________________
if noted: if living or give permission for him to marry if underage or listed as
5.bride's age
or estimated birth year
or actual birth date ____________________________
birthplace of bride:___________________________________________________________________
bride's parents' names__________________________________________________________
does it note parent(s) as living or give permission for her to marry if underage or are they
License #_____________
6. Book Title: ____________ ____ Vol.______ Page_____
Marriage License issued on (Date):___________________________
Groom's address:___________________________________
# of marriage for groom__________
groom's father's birthplace _____________________ groom's mother's birthplace ________________
Bride's address___________________________________# of marriage for bride_____bride's previous marriages or
surnames_________________________________may say spinster or old maid___________________
bride's father's birth place_____________________bride's mother's birth place ____________________
issued by Government employee: Name __________________ government employee's Title:___________________
Minister's/officiant's name ______________________and minister's /officiant's title:_____________________
7____ film no._________________ Digital Folder No.______________, Image No.____________.
8. found on website:___________________________________________ . Date found on website____________.
some sites like family and list the citation for you below the document.
On Windows devices, highlight what you want to copy, hit Ctrl key and C at the same time to cut, go to where you want
to put the information, hit Ctrl V to paste it there.
District of Columbia Marriages, 1811-1950, database with images, FamilySearch
( accessed 5 October 2015), Alfred Berger and Edith B. Ramsburg,
of: name
1. Death Certificate type Abstract
(as listed):__________________________________
2. Date of death_________________
3 place of death address:__________________________________________city/ town____________________
Village____________county___________________ state__________________ township___________________
4. date of birth as listed______________________________
4a. place of birth as listed:___________________________
5. Circle marital status: Single, married, divorced, widowed, separated
6. spouse's name_______________________living, deceased, not stated, see informant
7. Father's name:______________________________Father's birthplace_________________________
8. mother's maiden name:_______________________mom's birthplace________________________________
9. may say died at home or institution, rural
10. maiden name if listed or see father's surname____________________________________
other surnames or spouses if listed_____________________________________________
length at current residence ______ yrs _____months
how long in US if foreign born yrs______months___________days___________________
length of residence how long in this State ______yrs______months (could be hint for Census records)
12. Sex M/F____ color/race__________
13. age_____yrs, _______months, _________days
14. Certificate No._______________ State Index no.________ Local Registrar No. __________
15. issued by state of ______________state board of health, bureau of Vital Statistics or
16. Informant's name___________________informant's address_______________________
informant's relationship to deceased if shown_______________
17. cause of death_______________________________contributory cause of death_________________
attended deceased from __________________to__________________________
death occurred at
a.m. p.m.
18.Duration of illness______________ last seen alive by Dr. alive on date:____________surgery done?
19.Doctor's name/signature
doctor's address_________________________
20. place of burial or removal________________Date of burial/removal_______________
21. undertaker's name and address______________________________________
22. funeral home/mortuary _______________& address_________________________________
23 Filed on______________________24 Registrar's signature of:______________________
Circle if appropriate: autopsy, coroner's inquest, suicide, murder, homicide, accident, work-related death or workrelated accident
1. Arizona State Board of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, (1939), Edith B. Smith; Phoenix.