And of Clay Are We Created

And of Clay Are We Created
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Isabel Allende
Born in Lima, Peru (1942)
Chilean American Writer
Magic Realism
<The House of the Spirits>
Author’s perspective
• Is a unique blend of feelings, values, and beliefs that
a writer brings to a subject; the way an author
looks at a topic or the ideas being described.
• “And of Clay Are We Created” contains echoes of
Isabel Allende’s own life experiences as a former
journalist and an exile from her native country.
• ex) Isabel Allende’s journalistic experience is
reflected in her descriptions of a disaster scene and
her exploration of a reporter’s thoughts and feelings.
And of Clay Are We Created Chracters
: Eva Luna, lover of Rolf Carlé
Rolf Carlé
: Austrian-born journalist
: protagonist
: determined
: girl trapped in mud pit
And of Clay Are We Created –
Man vs Nature
Man vs Himself
And of Clay Are We Created –
Man vs Nature
• Rolf Carlé had the advantage of
the televisionhelicopter, which flew him over the
• Rolf Carlé had a growth of beard, and dark circles
beneath his eyes, he looked near exhaustion
• The spent the night talking, each in a
stupor of exhaustion and hunger, and shaking
with cold
And of Clay Are We Created –
Man vs Himself
• He could watch events without actually participating in
them the fictive distance seemed to protect him
from his own emotions.
• There in the hellhole of mud, it was impossible for Rolf
to fleefrom himself and longer, and the visceral terror
he had lived as a boy invaded him
• Sorrow flooded through him, intact and precise, as if
it had lainalways in his mind, waiting
And of Clay Are We Created –
• Carlé’s kept past is revealed with the development
of his character in the conflicts presented
• The purpose for his career was not to expose thetruth
to the world, but to look for an alternativetruth in his