Ch. 6 Market Revolution

Following the War of 1812 - Nationalism
Primary loyalty to the nation rather than region
Political – “Era of Good Feelings”
Judicial – Marshall (Supreme)Court decisions
Increase the power of national government
Foreign Policy – Monroe Doctrine
Economic – Clay’s American System
Development of the Market Revolution
Economic Nationalism
Henry Clay’s “American System”
Plan for expanding a
national economy
 Government should
promote capitalist system
 High protective tariff
 Re-charter of the Bank
of the U.S.
 Internal improvements
at Federal expense
Erie Canal
National Road
The Market Revolution – Brings changes!!!
o People bought & sold goods rather than making them
for their own use (“Homespun Era”ends.)
FACTORY SYSTEM- Lowell System; Labor and environmental issues
- CONTINENTAL EXPANSION- postal system; Erie Canal; Railroads
Henry Clay’s “American System”
COMMERCIAL AGRICULTURE- “King Cotton”; Western grains
(Produced specialization by people and regions)
o After 1823 - Nationalism gives way to Sectionalism
Deepening divisions between the North (the West tended to
side with them) and the South
 To promote the interests of the region rather than that of
the nation as a whole