[1.1] Prehistoric Origins Work Sheet

Prehistoric Origins Work Sheet
Instructions: Fill in the blank or answer the questions with the
correct answer.
1. What are the two materials that man’s cutting tools where made
of in the Paleolithic Age or Old Stone Age? ________________
2. In some parts of the world our Stone Age ancestors had
discovered how to bake clay figurines in bonfires and even
make simple kilns. How long ago was this? ________________
3. Although more fragile even than the cave paintings, some clay
images of animals have survived. About how long ago were
they made? Over ____________________ years ago.
4. What country was the tiny limestone carving known as the
Willendorf Venus from? _____________________
5. Scientific tests on small objects found on Stone Age sites (in
eastern Europe) suggest that man discovered the principle of
using a fire to bake clay at least ________________years ago.
6. About what year did someone discovered an easier, less
wasteful, way to waterproof a basket - by smearing the inside
with a layer of stiff mud or clay? _______________________
7. The technique of pressing and coiling clay vessels and firing
them in simple bonfires had probably spread throughout most
of villages of Western Asia before ______________________
8. What do many archaeologists believe that most of the symbols
used in the Old Stone Age are connected to?
_____________and the _______________________________
9. In Western Asia, not far from present day Basra in southern
Iraq, the people here started to use pictographs scratched onto
clay tablets before ___________________. In Western Asia
prehistory ends c. 3000 BC.
One of the earliest clay tablets __________________. It
seems to include proper names in pictograph form.