Art 212 1002: Ceramics II

Syllabus Fall Semester 2015
CERAMICS 11 Art 212
Semester – Fall 2015- 10/1-12/15
Days Tu/Th 1:00 PM-3:15 PM
Instructor: Jill Brugler
Rm. ASP 213
Tools available at WNC bookstore for $25.00
Extra: 25lbs bag clay available at registration cashiers window for $14.50
Ceramics 11 is a course designed to explore clay as an art and pottery-making
medium. The various techniques involved in art and pottery making are the focus of
this course. These include technical aspects such as hand building, throwing, glazing
and firing. Hand building techniques and wheel throwing are emphasized.
Aesthetics and the making of personally meaningful clay objects are stressed as
To introduce clay as a medium for creating pottery and art objects.
To learn the various technical aspects of working with clay including glazing
and firing.
To further develop an understanding of the design elements, which apply to
3 dimensional objects.
To further develop an appreciation for the relationship between form and
content in creating clay objects.
To encourage personal style and dialogue with clay.
To understand how clay objects have been created and used in cultural and
historical references.
The student will develop an understanding for the ceramic process.
The student will develop a personal approach to working with clay.
The student will develop openness to visual risk taking and new ideas.
The student will develop an appreciation for clay as a pottery-making and
sculptural medium.
Special Accommodations:
If you have a disability for which you will need to request accommodations, please contact
the Disability Support Services office (Bristlecone building, Room 103) at 445-3266 or
445-3275 as soon as possible to arrange for appropriate accommodations.
 Three absences will drop your final grade one full letter grade.
 A 3rd absence will lower your final grade by one full letter grade.
 Three tardy (arriving after the class has started or leaving before class is
dismissed) equal and absence.
 A 6th absence will result in a “F”
 It is YOUR responsibility to drop/withdraw from the class through the WNC
Finished ceramic projects
Note books/power pts
Participation / critiques
Clean up
A= 190-200 pts
B= 180-189 pts
C= 170-179 pts
D= 160-169 pts
F= below 150 pts
Completed projects meeting requirements.
Evidence of time commitment – craftsmanship.
Visual risk taking and working with new ideas – originality.
Participation in class discussions and critiques.
Academic Integrity:
Students are expected to do their own work. If a student turns in a project done by someone else,
he/she will receive 0 points for that project and will not be allowed to make it up. Students are
expected to maintain a studio class environment and keep personal conversation to a
minimal, respecting others working in the studio classroom.
A) Attendance: Three absences will result in one full grade drop.
Three late arrivals will count as one absence.
B) Complete assignments within the course schedule.
C) Take home final exam.
D) Participate in class discussion and critiques.
E) Maintain notebook and show one power point.
F) Maintain a studio environment and clean up.
Students are expected to attend all class on time. Three absences result in a
drop of one letter grade. Students are responsible for dropping course if
All works must be original and made by the student enrolled in the class.
All work must be signed into the clay to ensure academic honesty, or it will
not be fired.
No cell phone use or text messaging during class time unless on five minuet
break out of class.
Be respectful of other’s artwork.
No guest, friends, relatives, children allowed during class time.
Smoking is not permitted in any classroom on campus. No food permitted in
the studio. Covered drinks are allowed.
Students are expected to maintain a studio environment, which includes
Minimal conversations. Conversation & visiting out side of class, during
Do not come to class on drugs or alcohol. This syllabus is intended as a guide
and outline. Changes to specific items to be covered in class may be changed
at the discretion of the instructor. Student will be notified of any changes.
Ceramics 11 Art 212: Syllabus and Course Guide, Fall 2015.
Power points are to be presented upon completion with in the duration of
spring semester class.
Week 1: 9/1-9/3 - Introductions. Project one, Two-part pinched organic form
w/five added impressed, incised, carved, pierced, and textured pinched forms.
Week 2: 9/8-9/10 - Continue two-part pinch organic form. Project two,
Geo/organic extrusion & pinch construction w/added clay.
Sgraffito - surface technique.
Week 3: 9/15-9/17– Finish projects one and two. Project three. Soft slab
Stella mugs.
Week 4: 9/22-9/24 – Project four, Coil build effigy lidded jar or sgraffito
Week 5: 9/29-11/1– Finish projects three through four. Continue with glazing.
Week 6: 10/6-10/8– Project five, Potato Head study.
Week 7:10/13-10/15 - Continue head study. Introduction to potters wheel.
Week 8: 10/20-10/22 - Critique on project one or two. Project six, Thrown
cylinders. Showing student power points.
Week 9: 10/27-10/29- Project seven, Thrown set of mugs with pulled handles.
Week 10: 11/3-11/5– Project eight. Thrown bowls or press mold bowls.
Week 11: 11/10-11/12 – continues throwing and hand building projects.
Week 12: 11/-17/19 - continues throwing and hand building projects. Glazing.
Project nine, Whistle making. Last week to work wet clay.
Week 13: 11/24-11/26- NO CLASS THANKSGIVING BREAK.
Week 14: 12/1-12/3-Finish all projects. Last week to bisque.
Week 15: 12/8-12/10-Last week to glaze and fire.
Week 16: 12/15-Final critique, seven to ten finished pieces set up. Potluck.