Making a clay whistle

Making a Clay Whistle
Frank Goryl
Tools needed: water container, string,
vegetable skewer (potters needle)
Step 1. Roll a ball of clay about the size
of a plum
Step 2. Using string, cut the ball of clay
in half
Step 2 completed
Step 3. Hollow out each half by pinch
method similar to making a pinch pot
Step 3 completed
Step 4. Scratch (called scoring) the rim
of the each half
Step 5. Moisten with water the scratch
Step 6. Join the two together
Step 7. Blend two halves together.
Step 8. Cut ¼ inch hole into ball
Careful not to drop clay square cut out
into the ball
Step 8 completed
Step 9. Roll out whistle mouthpiece
Mouthpiece should be as thick and
half as long as your pinkey finger
Step 10. Use needle tool to hollow
Step 11 continued
Step 11 completed
Step 12. Angle mouthpiece near
opening and test for sound
Blow air across opening like making
sound with a soda bottle
Step 14. Attach mouthpiece to ball
using small collar of clay
Close up of clay collar
Step 14. Smooth collar
Step 14 completed
Step 15. Make your whistle into a
Examples of some whistles
Enjoy the process !!!
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