Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson and the
Lightning Thief
Nick Concutelli
Chapter 16, “We take a zebra to Vegas”
Ares is waiting for Percy, Annabeth, and
Grover back at the diner.
Percy tells Ares that he's a jerk.
Ares taunts and teases them, but shows
them their ride west: "Kindness
International: Humane Zoo Transport.
Ares tells Percy that his mom isn't dead;
she's being kept as a hostage. He says
that someone is using Sally Jackson in
order to control Percy.
Percy insults Ares, and Ares almost flips
out. Instead, he leaves on his Harley.
There, they find three of the saddest and
loneliest looking animals you have ever
seen an antelope-looking animal, a zebra,
and an albino lion. They are in cages, and
the antelope and zebra have meat in their
bowls, while the lion has turnips.
It turns out Grover was the satyr assigned
to help rescue Thalia and get her safely to
Camp Half-Blood when she was attacked
on Half-Blood Hill. The other two friends
with Thalia at the time were Annabeth
and Luke.
 Grover was told that he had failed in his
mission. Thalia had died because of him.
He is truly sad about this.
Annabeth and Percy try to cheer him up.
Annabeth tells him she wouldn't be alive
without him. Percy tells him he has the
biggest heart in the history of the
universe, and that's why he'll find Pan.
 Percy asks Annabeth about the ring she
wears around her neck.
Percy has another nightmare: he dreams
he's taking a standardized test in a
straitjacket. He hasn't even picked up his
pencil yet, because he can't. A girl he
recognizes as Thalia is sitting next to him
and says, "well, Seaweed Brain? One of us
has to get out of here“.
 The truck has stopped in Las Vegas, and
the truckers are coming to check on the
The zebra talks to Percy, calls him "lord,"
and begs him to free him. Percy
remembers that his dad created horses
and realizes that is why he can
understand the zebra.
 Annabeth, Percy, and Grover free the
animals. Grover blesses them before they
leave so that they will find their freedom
 The zebra bows to Percy.
A bellhop approaches them and gives
them casino credit cards with an unlimited
amount of credit: "The bill's taken care of.
No extra charges, no tips“
 Percy has a nagging feeling that he should
talk to his friends about something, but
he also figures it can wait.
 Percy polls a few other guests, and he
realizes they are all from different years.
After a lot of effort, Percy lures Annabeth and
Grover out of the casino.
On the way out, the bellhop offers them
Platinum cards, saying that they are opening
a whole new floor full of new games for
Platinum members.
The three leave as fast as they can.
Percy checks a newspaper: it is June 20th.
They have been at the Lotus Casino for five
days. They have one day left before their
quest deadline is up.
(1) What kind of lion was on the truck
with them?
(2) Why is Grover very upset?
(3) Why did they have to leave the casino.
(4) Why did Percy get mad at Aries?