Using Alisweb - Wantagh School

5 th
Miss Mottola
Grade Library Lesson
 Alisweb is a service that allows you to search every
public library in Nassau County at the same time!
 You can check to see if your library owns a particular
book, if someone else checked it out, and when it’s due
 You can also reserve books or interlibrary loan them
from other libraries.
Log on to
This drop down
menu lets you
select how you
You can search
every library in
Nassau County at
the same time
Or click this box
to select just the
Wantagh Library
The total number
of matches is
listed here
Is it a book, DVD,
VHS, or CD? The
icon will tell you
Click on the title to
see information
about the book and
which libraries have
Title, Author, and
Publication Info…
Libraries that have
the book
Call number (can be
different at different
Is it in? When will
someone bring it
back, so I can check it
Alert! This tells us
that Baldwin
Children’s Library
will only let people
who live in Baldwin
check it out!
Scroll down for more info!!
Click here for more
Series Info,
You can click on
anything blue –
if you click on
the series title,
you’ll get a list of
the other books
in the series.
Here’s the list!
Click on the author
for a list of other
books he has
Subject headings
show you what the
book is about - and
since they are blue,
can help you find
other books like
this one...
Click on request to be
the next person to
check this book out!!!
First, type the barcode
from the back of your
library card
You can get a PIN
number from the
Wantagh Library – ask
someone at the desk.
Then, they call you when your book is in!!!
Get someone to take you to the library to
pick it up, and happy reading!!