Sample Student Survey Form - Santa Rosa County School District

Sample Student Survey
The Library Media Center staff is here to serve you. Please help us to better serve
you by participating in this survey.
1. When do you visit the Library Media Center? (check all that apply)
_____Before School
_____Lunch time
_____After School
_____With a class
2. How many times do you visit the Library Media Center each month? _____
3. Please check all the reasons you visit the Library Media Center.
_____ To find materials for assignments
_____ To find books to read for leisure
_____ To read magazines or newspapers
_____ To do homework or study
_____ To meet friends
_____ To use computers to search the Internet
_____ To use computers to type an assignment
_____ To prepare a multimedia presentation
_____ To get help on an assignment
_____ Other (please list) ___________________________________________
4. Do you have enough time to visit the Library Media Center? ___ yes ___no
5. Do you usually find the materials for which you are looking? ___ yes ___no
Comments _______________________________________________________
6. Do you find the Library Media Staff friendly and helpful? ___ yes ___no
7. Do the Library Media Specialists offer guidance with your research? __ yes __no
Comments _______________________________________________________
8. Do you use other libraries? _____ yes _____ no
9. If you use other libraries, what libraries do you use?
10.Do you have a public library card? _____ yes _____ no
11.Are there any book titles you would like to have us order for the Library Media
(write on the back of this paper)
Thank you for helping us by completing this survey.
6/07 PDC