Your reaction to Randy Hinrich`s presentation:

Northwest Academic Library Directors Symposium
Your reaction to Randy Hinrich’s presentation:
This also was good but covering ground that was fairly familiar in many
respects. There also was a hint of infomercial in this presentation.
Interesting and stimulating, though a bit amorphous and too full of breathy "gee
whiz" futurism. But good for us to get this kind of perspective.
Excellent also!
Great to have an upbeat and optimistic speaker. Some I had heard before (eg
the cliched digital native who listens to 5 things at once) but some was new to
me (games as learning tools). Gave me a sense of where the net might be
This presentation was thought provoking about the direction of technologies
and the effect of technologies on learning. The push to get libraries at the table
of this dialog was a great addition.
His view of the future is credible & challenging.
This presentation was also good and helped me think in different directions
than I normally do.
It's always good to be exposed to people on the industry side of life and while
his bent toward the commercial didn't appeal to me, it's a voice that has to be
I had heard/knew most of this content before. I follow the writings of Lorcan
Dempsey, and so knew this content.
Quite good. Good overview of lots of important new issues for libraries. As
directors, we are not really close to the users, so insight into how young people
interact with technology is great.
Again I was pleasantly surprised, it was very interesting and current.
Again - presentation presented much to think about but the student trends he is
addressing in his studies are not apparent to me in my current environment.
Interesting but a little over the top for me. He clearly inhabits a different
universe but unlike Fox, is more than willing to tell us how the world works. I
was glad that some members of the audience countered his privileged view of
the world. I do think we need to be aware of what the early adopters are up to,
though, and his presentation was great for that.
Enjoyed him as well. Good info about technology coming our way and its
relation to library users.
excellent -- wish I could have recorded it to listen again and better absorb the
ideas put forward
Excellent. Fascinated to hear about regional libraries being the "long tail" of
information research.
Good thoughts.
Great presentation, though he did not seem to have dealt much with the "havenots" and the digital divide....which is real and growing.
Northwest Academic Library Directors Symposium
Somewhat OK;
Better than 'very good'.
also interesting
Excellent as well. I really like his attempt to provide a link to the future
development of the web and connect it to ideas where he thinks libraries need
to go to keep up with those developments and the key role they can play. It
gives me hope that we may be able to cooperatively participate in its
Quite good.
"Technology is an enhancement" good to keep in mind.
Very good.