Memory Map

Take some time to think about incidents
or events from your past that resulted in
some kind of change in your life.
› Examples: Addition of a younger sibling,
joining a soccer team, making a new best
friend, etc.
› Please avoid times in which your family has
Choose one event from this list that you
would like to share as a visual memory
Focus on this memory and try to
determine exactly what happened
during the event.
Try to break down your memory into at
least three events for each part:
› In the beginning
› In the middle
› At the end
Events at the
Events in the middle…
Events at the end…
Beginning Details
Middle Details
End Details
Setting – Time and
Describe the events in
chronological order.
How does this memory
Who was there?
Include dialogue
What were you doing,
thinking, and feeling
prior to the event
What exactly
What did you learn,
discover, and/or
Set the stage for the
What were you and
others doing?
What were you
thinking and feeling?
Answer all of the
questions a reader
might have
For each event within your memory that
you have created, you will create a
panel or frame (think comic strip)
 For each panel:
› Draw and color a picture of the event
› Write a sentence that describes the event
› Write commentary explaining the
importance of the event and/or your
feelings and emotions at the time
› Provide at least one sentence of dialogue
Each written statement must be in a
different color. So, there must be writing
in three different colors for each panel
 Give your memory map an interesting
 Be prepared to present your Memory
Map, telling your story to the class.