View of an Internal Panel Member

View of an Internal
Panel Member
Evaluation and Re-Validation Panel
Carol Reid
Ulster Business School
Wednesday 1st October 2014
Why Volunteer?
Variety of Reasons:
 Help & support colleagues
 Identify good practice
 Preparation for own Evaluation/Revalidations
 Collaborative opportunities
 Greater insight into University Operations
 Promotion?
What is Involved
Nomination as potential panel member
Invitation to act as a panel member
Receipt of documentation & paperwork
Evaluation of documentation
Pre-meeting paperwork (CA7)
Validation Meeting
Your Role
Plan time to review the documentation
Ensure your knowledge of University L&T
Policies is up to date and review any Faculty
specific policies
Understand the purpose of an internal panel
member – a critical yet supportive colleague
At the meeting – focus on the areas
nominated to you by the Chair
Specific Preparation
Gain an overview of the Programme
- Introduction/Background/Rationale
- Programme & Module Specifications
- External Examiner/PSRB Comments
Focus on what you know:
- Learning & Teaching
- Assessment
- Learning Outcomes
- Placements, work based learning, etc
- Student Support
Good to engage with the process
Gain value that can be transferred to own
subject area (revalidation preparation,
assessment and teaching approaches,
network opportunity)
Remember to be objective but not