Revised Math TEKS

• When will we begin teaching the revised Math
• When will our students be tested over the
revised TEKS?
• Are CSCOPE IFDs designed around the current
or revised TEKS?
• What do I teach?
Current TEKS
Current and
Overlap TEKS
Revised TEKS
Current and
Overlap TEKS
Revised TEKS
Revised TEKS
Supporting Standard
Supporting Standard
Readiness Standard
“Please consider that I have not learned to…2(3)(C) Use
concrete models to count fractional parts beyond one
whole using words, and recognize how many parts it
takes to equal one whole.”
“Please consider that I have not learned to…2(3)(B)
Explain that the more fractional parts used to make a
whole, the smaller the part; and the fewer the fractional
parts, the larger the part.”
“I will be teaching you how to…3(3)(G) Explain that two fractions are equivalent if and only if
they are both represented by the same point on the number line or represent the same portion
of a same size whole for an area model.”
• Side-by-Side Comparison
• A Vertical look at Key Concepts
and Procedures
• Texas Response to Curriculum Focal
• Guides teachers through a process of
determining the most significant potential
curriculum gaps and how those gaps might
be addressed in current CSCOPE
Curriculum documents.
• Four Components
•YAG Pacing Considerations
•Gap Identification Matrix
•Gap Identification at-a-glance
•Unit IFD Consideration Tool
• ME!!!