Environmental Science and Conservation Facts ()

Environmental Science
By: Daniel Park
LETC 4100-006
How do we change the world?
◦ How much pollution do we create?
◦ What can we do to help the environment?
The three ‘Rs’
 What is conservation?
 Environmental Science and our world
The Three R’s
◦ Lessen the amount we use
◦ Water, energy, pollution
◦ Buy reusable materials
◦ Find creative uses for old things
◦ Glass, paper, plastic
Use less!
◦ The US consumes 32 times the amount of
oil and metal, and produces that much
more wastes and greenhouse gases than
developing countries.
Environmental Science
and Our World
Have you noticed any changes in the past
five years?
◦ Hybrid Cars
◦ More Ethanol production
◦ The “Green” Movement
◦ Global Climate Change
TEKS – 6th Grade
Science, technology and society
◦ Give examples of scientific discoveries and
technological innovations, including the roles of
scientists and inventors, that have transcended
the boundaries of societies and have shaped
the world
TEKS – 6th Grade
Science, technology and society
◦ Explain how resources, belief systems,
economic factors, and political decisions have
affected the use of technology from place to
place, culture to culture, and society to society
◦ Make predictions about future social, economic,
and environmental consequences that may
result from future scientific discoveries and
technological innovations
TEKS - Grade 6
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